Starfighter Renegade Out Today!

Starfighter Renegade Out Today!

Starfighter Renegade (developed by a lone renegade at Made of Dinosaurs studios) is a retro styled aerial shoot-em-up, taking inspiration from games such as Defender, Zarch, Starglider and more.

Made available after two years of solo development, the game is modeled after retro shooters of days past. The developer shares that "Flying your Starfighter is intended to be simple, letting you focus on zapping baddies, scooping up friendlies and trying out different weapon & upgrade combos."

Over the course of the game you'll explore 50 bite-sized levels where you'll encounter assorted alien fighters, massive destroyers and even some helpful allies.

Starfighter Renegade is out NOW on Steam and you can take a curious peek at the website here >>>

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