SEATTLE, WA – December 13, 2022 - Videogame developer and publisher Xoberman LLC. has released its latest update for the 3D fantasy kingdom building sim Noble Fates today. The Adventure Update features new journeys out into the World of Noberia, communication with other Kingdoms via messenger hawks, new stone materials for castle construction, tactical improvements and shields. Noble Fates has seen many updates over the last year including bandits, elves, love, marriage, wolves, ranching, updated characters, building supplies, background music, modding, and much more. The release of the Adventure Update further adds to the gameplay and marks Noble Fates the halfway point on the journey through Early Access. Players can expect more exciting updates to come as Early Access progresses! 

To celebrate the milestone Noble Fates is offered at $17.50 (30% discount) on Steam

Watch the Noble Fates Adventure Update trailer 

Noble Fates Adventure Update Features:
  • Adventures: The other Rulers in your world send Hawks to petition you to embark on journeys to help them out! Lead the adventure or dispatch a party to complete the mission for you. Your performance impacts your Kingdom’s standing with that Ruler. Bring home loot, new recruits, or even start and end wars during your travels! 
  • Stone Castle Construction: Builders have invented stone cutting tables - giving the crafters  new materials to build castles. Build epic fortresses with a complete new tier of structures including floors, walls, doors, roofs and stairs! Don’t forget to style your castle with new decorative add-ons including spires, supports, arches and even a portcullis. 
  • Shield of Armor: Mortals have learned to fashion shields using wood, leather, hide, copper and iron. Shields are a secondary piece of gear that specialize in countering incoming ranged attacks and melee attacks from animals and monsters. 
  • Tactical Improvements: Your Mortals have finally figured out the power of the catapult -  use them on adventures or to add that finishing touch to your castle's defense system. The cheval has also been improved to grant 50% move speed reduction for any character that comes into contact with one. Hard to reach places? Leverage the power of the grappling hook in third person to extend your reach!

Inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and the brutal clash of ambition, intrigue, and violence from Game of ThronesNoble Fates charges players with building a kingdom worthy of lasting recognition. Build, craft, farm, mine, hunt, defend – even command from the sky, or take control in third person. Your story goes where the people, your actions, and their reactions take it.
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