Tenth Sea of Thieves Adventure, Live Until December 22nd!

Tenth Sea of Thieves Adventure, Live Until December 22nd!

As the Battle for the Sea of Thieves intensifies and Guardians of Fortune clash with Servants of the Flame, Tasha the tavern keeper faces struggles of her own. Having been forced to confess a troubling transformation to the Order of Souls, she now seeks pirates’ help to save not just her life, but quite possibly her soul...

Sea of Theives-Rogue Legacy

Tavern Tales

No longer able to hide the truth, Tasha has admitted to being stricken by a skeletal curse, the effects of which have already begun to consume her. The prospects seem grim, but one hope remains – the answer may lie within the daring deeds of Captain Briggsy. This notorious Rogue once scoured the Sea of Thieves for its many secrets, before returning home to fill a young Tasha’s head with tales of her many escapades. You can learn more about the history of this unlikely pairing in the most recent Adventures Ahead article.

Briggsy sensed great potential in Tasha, and left behind a number of lessons designed to set her on a path to piracy once she was old enough, promising rewards if her protégée was able to complete them. Although Madame Olivia blames some unintended consequence of these missions for Tasha’s current condition, she also believes that Briggsy’s belongings hold the key to reversing the curse – if they can be successfully retrieved.


Trials of a Thief

With Tasha in no condition to undertake the quest intended for her, it falls to pirate crews to make the journey in her stead. Using Briggsy’s homespun wisdom as their guide, they will need to venture into The Wilds, deciphering cryptic clues and unearthing the rewards that Briggsy left buried all those years ago. The keepsakes must then be returned to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost, where they will serve a more arcane purpose...

This will be no simple test of seafaring skills. Briggsy was known for being both eccentric and reckless, and the lessons she has in store are certain to be dangerous, if not outright deadly, should pirates let their guard down. Crews willing to face up to the Rogue’s gauntlet of challenges can begin their Adventure by speaking to Larinna outside the tavern, and ‘The Rogue’s Legacy’ will be available for all players until December 22nd!

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