Arrrr Matey, Feeling Salty?


Immerse yourself in a pirate adventure and set sail across an infinite world exploring uncharted islands, discovering mysterious places, hunting down pirate captains and bosses, going on epic quests, upgrading your ships, hunting and fishing for food, and looting hundreds of rare items throughout your adventure!


  • Explore and Discover - Explore the sea and countless islands, discovering ancient ruins, cultists, merchants, and more. 
  • Play with Friends - Go on adventures with your friends, sail the seas, and trade rare items you discover throughout the world.
  • Adventure and Quests - Complete the main quest or one of over 50 side quests filled with bosses and secrets to earn rare loot and uncover lore. 
  • Gear Up - RPG-style loot system with item rarities and hundreds of weapons, armor, resources, and mysterious items. 
  • Procedurally-generated World - The world is limitless. Set sail on the ocean and explore an infinite amount of islands. 
  • Chart Your Adventure - Use in the in-game map to chart the islands you come across and make note of rare loot or places you discover!
  • Customize your Ship - Discover huge ships and decorate them to make them your home at sea. 
  • Battle your Enemies - Fight pirates, bosses, and other enemies using a wide array of weapons. 
  • Hunting and Fishing - Hunt wildlife and fish the open seas for food and other resources. 
  • Seed based world generation - Start with a default seed to share your discoveries with the community. Everyone using the same seeds will be in identical worlds.

About Lavaboots Studios

Lavaboots Studios is a small indie game company that is founded based on a purpose rather than a product. Have you ever played a game that gave you a feeling? If you have, then you know exactly what we are talking about. It's something that sticks with you for the rest of your life. It's funny how something like a game can imprint itself on you. It is our mission to create worlds that inspire adventure and forge an unforgettable journey.


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